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Building Relationships through Connection - NEW

This presentation is about building connection through Relationship: Rupture and Repair. What happened to you…conversations on trauma, resilience and healing. Brittany walks through different ways of communication and helps us understand the why and the how. By Brittany Taggart, LCSW

How Trauma Impacts Relationships - NEW

This presentation is on how trauma impacts relationships. Our relationships as infants impact our world view and it carries on from there. We bring all the pieces of trauma with us in each relationship. Jordan explains how to minimize some of that baggage. By Jordan Rascon, LCSW

Resiliency and Relationships - NEW

This presentation is on resiliency and relationships. Jenni describes what resiliency is, how our society as a whole has minimized the impact and assumes that kids are resilient and can handle anything. This defeats the concept of expecting kids to be able to handle anything that has come their way and not be changed on the other side of it. By Jenni Smith, LCSW