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About Us

About Us

About Us

Provo Canyon School  is recognized by multiple federal and state organizations as an intensive, psychiatric youth residential treatment center in Utah because of the depth of our professional clinical staff, medical staff and our focus on evidence-based, clinical “best practices”. PCS utilizes an “Acuity Based Care” (ABC) model that identifies and re-assesses the strengths and needs of individual students. This model re-assesses individual needs continually in order to assign specific resources, supports and interventions for insuring the student’s greatest potential for personal success. In essence, we evaluate the individual needs of each of our students and support their success by ensuring that they receive an effective array of services based on their individual level of need.

Residential psychiatric treatment center for youth in Utah

Assigned supports and services are not limited to clinical components of the program, but are engaged at all levels and aspects of the students experience. From school-time and group living, to off-grounds recreation experiences, students will receive support every step of the way. The effectiveness of these services for each individual student are continually monitored and managed by our multi-professional treatment planning team, who support all aspects of the students experience at both the Provo Canyon School Springville Campus and the Provo Campus.

The Acuity Based Care model meets the needs of each student at the place when they have the greatest need. Those students that require more intensive group therapy, more individual sessions, focused skill groups and increased staff support are provided those resources based on individual need. As students gain personal ability and cultivate their ability to be successful, the supports and resources are slowly reduced based on the needs of the student. This system of managing the supports based on the level of need is referred to as Response to Intervention Model. As the student progresses through the program, we can then determine the student’s individual ability to be successful in a less intensive or restrictive setting. We can also determine what supports will need to be in place when the student returns to their home and regular school setting after leaving our youth treatment center in Utah.

Provo Canyon School offers a complete and comprehensive treatment and learning experience. Our facilities offer completely contained school services for middle school and high school age youth. We have separate school areas, a swimming pool, two gymnasiums, outdoor athletic fields, ropes courses, climbing walls, dorm-style living areas with ample common areas, full cafeteria services, a playground for the younger youth, and many more physical supports and resources for our students.

Both Provo Canyon School campuses are licensed by the State of Utah, Department of Human Services, accredited by Cognia, and is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. The public may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about a Joint Commission-accredited healthcare organization. We are a provider for TRICARE®, Medicaid and most major health insurance companies. Staff is available to assist in determining what is covered by a particular health care plan.

At Provo Canyon School, we are compassionate, committed, and caring professionals who are dedicated to inspire hope, as well as the ability to achieve and celebrate success through the power of relationships developed with children, families, and the communities we support. We promote treatment and school excellence in an environment of collaboration and trust while maintaining a high standard of responsibility and integrity for the students, families and the communities we serve.

Important Facts:

  • Acquired by Universal Health Services (UHS) in 2000
  • Licensed by the State of Utah, Department of Human Services and Certified as a Psychiatric Residential Treatment  Facility by the Department of Health for the treatment of youth ages 12 up to 18
  • Healthcare services accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Academic services accredited by Cognia and by the California Department of Education, the Washington State Department of Education and the Utah Board of Education
  • Provider for TRICARE®, most insurance companies and multiple state Medicaid systems
  • Semi-Secure/Secure facility
  • On-site licensed private school with state-certified teachers and recognized as a Non-public Special Education School by the State of California, Illinois and several other states.
  • Gender and age specific programs for Adolescent students.
  • Evidence-based Substance Abuse programs
  • Recreational therapy and group activities
  • “Challenge” ropes course
  • Thorough psychiatric assessment, treatment and stabilization
  • Educational assessment and able to service most IEPs
  • Intensive individual, group and family therapy
  • Medication monitoring
  • Coordinated treatment team approach – “Acuity Based Care” model
  • Multiple specialized skills and intervention groups to support a wide range of individual needs.